my trip to hainan.

My 4 day and 3 night trip to Hainan, China with my family was an interesting experience. We flew in to Sanya expecting warm weather but apparently the days that we arrived was the coldest in their season.

Our trip mostly consist of eating and sightseeing but the sights that we were taken to were rather disappointing. The tour guide did warn us that Hainan is known for it’s sand, sun and beach and it lacks any spectacular architecture, night life and shopping. Therefore, I found the itinerary rather disappointing as NZ has ample beaches and after being to the islands, I’ve been spoilt with beautiful beaches.  The best thing about the trip is that we were traveling with a tour group everything was sorted so it was a hassle-free trip!

The accommodation was pretty decent in Sanya and we were surprised at the high water pressure of the shower but the glass panel between the bathroom and bedroom was awkward. The bed was comfortable, the breakfast was scrumptious and the view was decent.

The main culture shock for me throughout this trip would have to be the lack of hygiene in their bathrooms. My friends have advised me that their bathroom ‘s condition is less than desired but I wasn’t expecting THAT! I seriously wanted to vomit after visiting a toilet in a national park.

Overall, the trip wasn’t bad. There were pros and cons and it was nice to experience something out of my comfort zone. However, I don’t think I will visit again anytime soon.

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