Out with the Old. In with the NEW

I have finally decided to get rid of my old MSN Space blog (one that i have had for 6 years) and start a new one at WordPress. I’m not much of a poet nor do I have perfect grammar or use a wide range of vocabulary. Hence this blog will be about things that I love (or things that just POP in my head).

Self Introduction

I’ve always been a photo fanatic. I love taking photos with my digital camera and since the beginning of the year, I have once again indulged myself with film photography. Nothing too complicated. Just messing around with my Lomography cameras. It does cost a fortune to develop and print tho.

I also love to eat. So much so, that I have dedicated an entire blog *over at blogspot* on it. It’s more to do with me praising or complaining about the different restaurant that I go to. Feel free to check it out – http://my-dining-journey.blogspot.co.nz/ .

Travel is one of my biggest hobbies. There is nothing like packing your suitcase and heading to somewhere new and different. There are so many places that I want to be and so many things I want to try. Hence, my blog may be fill of my ramblings on the places that i wish to go and things that I must do.

And last, but not least, I am a shopaholic. I enjoy shopping in real life as well as online. There is no therapy like retail therapy. I try to hunt for bargains and free shipping sites and I drool over leather bags and super high heels. I swear I have a shopping problem!

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